Friday, December 14, 2007


I have an entire load of laundry that was dyed green by a garment. Is there any way to get the dye out of the other clothes, or at least reduce it, while they're still wet?

To add a few details: This was a load of "darks" washed in cold. Some of the clothes are fine since they are too dark to show the green dye. Other clothes that were lighter in color, like tan, khaki, etc are now green or some other color.


shelley said...

maybe just run them through again? bleach?

Anonymous said...

Try using Oxyclean and letting them soak in the water for a while letting the oxyclean work. Hopefully they were washed in cold water and not hot?

Laura B. said...

There's also a product out there (shout color catcher) that is the color remover. It's sold in packets in the detergent aisle.

I would also just seperate the lighter ones that are green and run them through again.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...