Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things are a buzzin'

It feels so good to be back in the swing of life. It's amazing how being out of routine can take such a toll...even if all you're doing is laying around the house.

Last week was a long week, as Brian was working insane hours - sometimes until past two or three o'clock AM. I felt like a single mom for most of the week; and I really feel for my friends whose husbands are cops and regularly go long stretches without their hubbies around.

We took advantage of the weekend by having as much family time as possible. Actually, I take that back - we took FULL advantage of Grandparents on Friday night, and enjoyed our first date without kids since bringing Isaiah home. It was a late date, so we pretty much dropped the kids off right before bed time. That made it a little easier on me, leaving Isaiah so soon. Of course both kids did great, and Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed our adult time.

So Saturday was "family day", and bless her little heart, Emma enjoys looking at new homes as much as mommy and daddy do, so that's what we did! We also stopped by a local park and played around for a while - Isaiah's first time!

Isaiah is doing so well. I really can't believe he's only been home for a month. He is six months old now, and yesterday I was holding my friend's 9-month old son who weighs 18 pounds, and I swear Isaiah weighs at least that. He is such a happy baby, and is still following a wonderful daytime routine, and sleeping 12 hours at night. Emma just adores him, and calls him her "Bubba".

In other news, I have exactly five weeks to get skinny for Hawaii. Time to go hop on the treadmill!
Enjoying "tummy time". I swear he'll be crawling soon!
What a big boy!
This is Isaiah just waking up from a nap. He loves his sister!
Best friends...
Family day!


Anonymous said...

Uh ... excuse me ... get skinny?! You're a TWIG, girl!! [:-)

Great to hear you're all doing well.


Ben and Laura said...

The pictures are so cute Shana!!! I love the one of Emma and Isaiah in the crib!

Jenn said...

Oooh another Ethiopian adoption blog! yay! I found you through the Heldts blog and I am eager to read your posts. We are early in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Looking forward to gaining more knowledge from your blog... reading blogs has been so helpful!

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