Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Breaking News Update From Ethiopia!

(This is being relayed to you from a phone call earlier this evening)

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we hired a driver and toured the area. You do NOT want to hire a Taxi (this is a story for later). The country is very beautiful, however, there is extreme smog and poverty all around with 100's of beggers at every corner. We will describe this further in the future. We went to the Embassy Wednesday and the paper work is completed and we just have to pick up Isaiah's Visa tomorrow.

Wednesday evening we attended a traditional Ethipian Dinner and Dance and took Isaiah with us - and he slept through the entire thing!

We have an involuntary wake-up call every morning - it's the Muslim call to prayer! And we proceed from there.

Wednesday, we experienced a rainstorm, literally a downpour complete with lightning and thunder. That day we visited Meskerem's grave - just a pile of dirt without a headstone in an unkempt cemetary between two caged grave sites of the more affluent. (We saw that other deceased orphans had little plain concrete headstones - so we ordered one for Meskerem as well).

Back to Isaiah - he is perfect. He currently is on formula and fits snuggly in size 3-6 months. His physician said that he is a "Big Boy"-(and added sarcastically-that he should fit right in with the American culture). He is very adorable and constantly attracts the attention of the guests and workers at our hotel! He is doing well with the exception of a tiny ear infection.

Please, Please, Please Pray for: Good health for all of us as we prepare for our return this Saturday, and for our flight connections - Especially in London, as British Airways (our airlines) is planning to go on strike the following morning. If we miss our connection - it may be very difficult to get back to the U.S.! And lastly for our little angel-Emma, who at last report is doing very well without us (with the exception of a few minor incidents) for this extended period of time at Grandma Barb's and Grandpa Dave's. She's reportedly earning lots of stickers for her chore chart, walks their dogs, has had several "play dates" and enjoys the daily gifts we left for her while we are away. We really miss her too!

We will keep you posted and thank-you in advance for your prayers and concerns!


shelly said...

Just prayed for them, for the flight, and for Emma. Great update!

5KidMom said...

It's so good to hear the trip has been a pleasant one. I am definitely still praying. Thanks for the update. 8^)

Susy Q said...

It's great that your trip has been smooth so far- I hope it remains that way! I love hearing these updates, as we will be in Ethiopia ourselves in not too long!

And Isaiah sounds incredibly adorable...can't wait to see pics!

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