Sunday, January 21, 2007

Africa Arrival!!!!

Yes, they have arrived-Boise time 5:00pm Sat or Jan 20th translated to approx 3:00am Jan 21, Sunday Africa time. Isaiah is perfect with a bit of a cold. They are able to comfort him & make him smile-Yeah!! He takes cat naps right now. They are all tired and the men have a stomach problem. So please uplift them in prayer.
Emma is doing great & looks forward to the chore chart sticker, the calender that has a small gift daily from mommy & daddy and has her Meridian grandparents mesmerized with her abilities.
Sign off, Barb (Shana's mom).


5KidMom said...

Hi Barb,

How good of you to be a guest blogger while they are traveling to bring Isaiah home. I will certainly keep them all in prayer, especially the guys and their sick tummies. I'm so glad to hear that Emma is feeling content while Mom and Dad are away. That will certainly be a big load off their minds.

Looking forward to the next update,

shelly said...

How exciting, I have been checking the blog since they left for an update, I am glad that they arrived safely and glad that they are able to make their baby smile!

chou-chou said...

thank you so much for the update!! was hoping for news.

so happy to hear that Isaiah is OK, and will keep them all in my prayers.

Jen said...

Hi, Barb!!! I am so glad Shana set you up to post updates! I am so anxious and excited for them! Thanks for sharing the good news! Enjoy your visit with Emma!! ~ jenny