Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Small Update (with new update at end)

I just got an email from our agency with a small update regarding Meskerem's health.

"Gail reports that Meskerem is still in the hospital, they are working on the diarrhea.

This is her message:Meskerem continues to have diarrhea. Another stool stample was taken this afternoon, but the results are not in yet. She is still in the hospital.
I asked Gail to please send another report tomorrow."

So that's it. This is the first I have heard of Meskerem having diarrhea, let alone that she "continues to have" it. And no mention of her breathing troubles, which is the only symptom we were aware of. I feel so frustrated and helpless right now. I am really beginning to pray for a miracle that will allow me to get over there sooner. I don't know exactly what I mean by that yet, but I am praying.

New Update:
Merrily (agency director) just forwarded me an email that she supposedly sent me on Monday, which I never received. Here is what it said:

"I got a message saying that Meskerem was still in the hospital so I called and talked to Gail. She said she has had some trouble with diarrhea and so they kept her. Gail said the doctor said there have been babies with diarrhea in Addis lately and he didn't want it getting back to our nursery and he wants to watch her and make sure she is getting enough fluids."

Please lift Meskerem up in prayer for healing.


Christi said...

Poor little girl! I will certainly be praying for a quick recovery. Hang in there Shana!

Anne said...

Sending Meskerem lots of healing thoughts -- hope you get good news soon, Shana.

Renee said...


I am praying for your beautiful baby girl and for your Mama's heart.



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