Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Black Hole

We still have no word on whether Meskerem has been released from the hospital. We know she was admitted on Friday, and supposed to have been discharged on Monday. I know the agency and orphanage staff are exremely busy, trying to get as many kids home as possible. But c'mon people, someone has to know where our baby is! If you could just let us know, that would be great.

I feel like there in an "adoption black hole" where most information gets sucked into, and only the tiniest bit manages to escape.


owlhaven said...

Hope you hear something soon...


Sarah C said...

Hang in there Shana, you are all in our prayers. I hope she was released and is doing better. This must be so hard for you, I can't even imagine. Maybe today will be the day you will hear from them!

Anne said...

Shana -- how frustrating for you. Maybe the new staff doctor will usher in an era of better communication with parents about health issues, etc. We can dream!

I hope to hear she's back at Wanna and has fully recovered from her illness very soon.

Anonymous said...

How scary. It is horrible to get news of your baby being sick.

Aside from the initial referral report, every report after up until the time we picked him up said that our baby was sick. Vomiting, diarreah, cough, weight loss, poor feeding. But he pulled through and is now a fat, fat, fat, healthy baby boy. I hope the same for you.

I am so sorry for all of you parents and children who are in limbo right now. Such a helpless time.


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