Friday, October 13, 2006

Hat Trick

Today I started a new job. Again. On top of the job I started a few weeks ago (part-time Program Manager for my old company), I am now the Resource Director at our church. Hmm. For a stay-at-home mom, I seem to have a lot of jobs. I also volunteer a lot of my time as a Young Married leader at church, additionally handling a lot of the administrative duties for the group.

For adoptive parents, one of the challenges during "the wait" is finding enough things to occupy the time in order to not go crazy obsessing about the child. I think I have pretty much insured that I won't have that problem. I feel like I am wearing a lot of different hats. Hopefully I won't drop any of them during the juggle.


In another bit of news, Brian found out today that he got a raise at work! His boss came to tell him about it personally (which he already knew, thanks to direct-deposit) and additionally said she is recommending Brian for a promotion within the next six months. Way to go, Brian! I am proud of you!

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