Thursday, October 19, 2006

Condition Worsening

We just received word that Meskerem's condition is worsening. After showing improvement from the lactose-free milk for a couple of days, she started vomiting frequently and has decreased her feeding. The doctors are considering a couple different diagnosis, which I know nothing about. I have a call in to our local pediatrician to see if he can help explain what any of this means.

I am unbelievably unsettled right now. I am pacing around not sure what to do. I "googled" one of the possible diagnosis, and I couldn't understand most of what I found, and the part I could understand I didn't like. I feel like a mother hen who has lost one of her little chicks, and is frantically scurrying about, searching for her young. I don't know what to do right now, besides pray. But I can't even settle down enough to do that. I feel like I need to do something. Like go down to the US Department of State and get an expedited passport. And buy a ticket to Addis for next week. I can't help but feel like if I was just there, holding and loving our baby, she would get better.


Anne said...

Oh, Shana, I'm so sorry -- please know that we'll be keeping little Meskerem in our thoughts. You must be beside yourself with anxiety and worry.

hugs, thinking of you,


5KidMom said...

So scary! Even if you can't calm down enough to pray, take comfort in the fact that prayers are still going up on Meskerem's behalf. Mine for one.

If you don't mind sharing, I would be happy to share my knowledge regarding the possible diagnoses the doctors are talking about. When Grace was at Layla, she had severe vomiting, diarrhea and failure to thrive. She spent 11 days in the hospital right after Christmas. It turned out to be Salmonella, but lots of things were tossed around before they figured that out. I did a ton of research and drove my pediatrician crazy with all my phone calls.

Feel free to email me at We can even chat on the phone if you would like.

Lisa said...

Shana, Hang in there. I can only imagine how hard this waiting and wondering is on you guys. You are in our prayers. Lots of love, Lisa

owlhaven said...

Praying for your sweetie.