Monday, July 24, 2006


Brian didn't know this, but I had been planning a surprise party for him on Sunday night. His actual birthday was on Friday, so we had a family party at a local restaurant that night, where we gave Brian his gifts. Amazingly, Brian believed that was all we were doing for his birthday!

After church yesterday, Brian and two friends decided to go play a round of golf (in the 110 degree heat, no less). This was actually part of the decoy plan to get Brian out while I pulled the party together. The party was set at our community club house, which has a pool. About 35 people came, and we munched on sub sandwiches and cake. We were supposed to play some Texas Hold 'em, but all the kids (read, adults) were having too much fun in the pool.

Brian was hugely surprised by the party, and all had fun! One of the funniest things I think Brian said, was when he and the two guys were walking towards the clubhouse, Brian stated "wow, there are a lot of cars here - there must be a party going on".

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