Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My Favorite Day This Year

This was about four weekends ago, but it still holds place as my favorite day of the year (so far).

My Dad and step-Mom were in town.  It was the first warm day we'd had all year.  And our whole family went to our favorite park.

That hill in the background gets crazy steep at the top (I hold on to the ropes for about the top 1/3).  We like to do things like see how many times we can go up and down, or see how fast someone can go to the top and back.  

 It didn't matter that on the way back to the car, Braxton had a poop blowout that got all over his clothes and stroller.  Nothing could dampen that day!  We topped things off at home with homemade lasagna, homemade margaritas and daiquiris, a beautiful sunset, and a late-night game of cards.

The next day I got strep throat, which quickly marked it as my least-favorite day of the year.

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Themovape said...

It was the first heated day we'd had all season. And our whole household went to our preferred recreation area.