Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Day

Our Valentine's day was very low-key this year.  Actually, it's probably low-key every year.  I do subscribe to date-night around V-day, but I actually prefer to not do it on the actual day.  Too many crowds.  Too cliche.

So Brian and I went out for a date over the weekend, and had a lovely time at a restaurant near us that we'd never tried.  Then we saw The Vow.  Okay, so I guess I am a little bit cliche. 

The kids decorated bags that they would later leave by their bedroom doors.  Brian and I filled their bags with some simple candy and a card, which he ran out and bought after the kids went to bed that night.

Tomorrow is our home-school party where the kids will get to exchange goodies with lots of friends.  I love that my kids don't have to miss out on that kind of stuff just because they're home-schooled.

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Owlhaven said...

How was The Vow?