Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Move - Days 2 & 3

After we ate dinner our first night in the house, my Mom picked up the three Middles and had them spend the night at her house, and took them to church for us the next morning.  We took advantage of that time to get as much done around the house without "help" from the kids, as possible.

Brian and I ran to Lowe's to get some of the little things we needed, and to check out a fridge that was on sale.  For the time-being we were living with no fridge in the kitchen, and just the one in the garage.

When we got home we busted out as many boxes as possible and got the kids' rooms as livable as possible.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that most of the cabinets in the house had some sort of water damage.  More on that later - but I got distracted that afternoon with the cabinets in the master bathroom.  Once that little project was done, it was back to work unpacking.

I would have loved to just lock myself in a room and not come out until it was completely unpacked and organized.  But as a Mom, my time is fragmented and split all over the place.  So un-packing seemed slow at first, as I was pulled from room to room.


Day three brought a kitchen that was mostly put-together....

...a pantry that had a ways to go.....

.....still no fridge.....

....and a giant mess in the family room.

At least the kids got to get out for some fresh air and kite flying.

That night we started getting some things hung on the walls.  I worked on the collage wall while Brian started on the bigger things.

I couldn't decide where I wanted the star to go, so I had Brian hold it in different places.

"Higher!"  "No, lower!"  "I can't see through you...duck down!"

 We ended up hanging it over the ledge over our front door where there was an existing nail.  Which led to Brian teetering on the top of the ladder, and vacuuming the dust off the ledge at 12:30 AM.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! You guys are amazing with God's guidance. Love you Mom