Thursday, October 06, 2011


Fall soccer season actually kicked off a while ago for Biniam at high school (he's on the varsity team) and a few weeks ago for the younger kids.  This is the first year Emma and the little boys have done soccer.  We lucked out that Noah got to "play up" on Isaiah's team, so we have one less game to try and fit in every weekend.  Even luckier for the boys...Brian is their coach.

The Coach is kind of a hottie.

Running the boys through drills.

 I can't get enough of Noah and his no-skin-showing uniform.

 Isaiah is quite the ball handler.

 He would actually score more goals if the field was a little bigger.  He's so fast that he just runs out of room on their field.

 There's that uniform again.  Shoes, to shin guards, to shorts, to jersey.  

Emma's had a huge learning curve because, well, at her age they actually have rules.  But she's doing great, having fun, and getting better each week.

But none of that matters to her as long as she gets to do the Tunnel each week.

 Biniam has played better this year than ever.  He grew a lot over the last year and doesn't seem so "fragile" against the other players.  Sadly, he broke his foot at practice a couple weeks ago and is sidelined the rest of the season.  

I have four kids in soccer.  And yes, I drive a minivan. 


Alicia said...

That is so sad about the broken foot. Alex broke his at the beginning of his Senior season, last year and missed most of the his final season. Not fun.

Claudia said...

I love Biniam's hair! My brother (Haitian adoptee) started his dreds about two years ago and has found them to be fantastic. He frequently will get compliments on his "great" hair.
Boo to the broken foot. May it heal quickly and strong for next season.