Monday, September 19, 2011


...I face my fears.

...I touch slimy, red things that I despise.

...I advance my domestic skills.

Today I can tomatoes.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!! [:-)

I don't can them them at my house, even though we grow LOTS of tomatoes every year. I sauce them. Too much work to can them. I also don't like the texture, AND the only way my family eats tomatoes over the winter is in sauce form (in casseroles, on pizza, in lasagna, spaghetti, etc.).

Here's what I do - -
- Wash the tomatoes.
- Pop the stems off. (I don't cut them up at all, the blender takes care of the peels, the core, everything. Doesn't matter what kind, size, shape, or color your tomatoes are. The blender equalizes everything.) :)
- Toss them in the blender with some spices (italian season, onion and garlic are what I use) or leave them spice-less if you want to add spices when you use them in a recipe.
- Puree to desired texture.
- Dump them in a pot (usually 2-3 blenderfuls fill my biggest pot).
- Heat them to simmering (just below a boil).
- Pour the amount we'd use for a meal into freezer containers. (Or wait until they cool and put them in plastic freezer bags.)

Super easy!!

Good luck with your canning adventure. :)

Rachel in Idaho