Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Splash, Pedal and Dash!

We didn't make it out to Chelan this year for the Chelanman events, so we promised the kids they could do our local kids triathlon, the Splash, Pedal and Dash.  A few of our neighbors joined in as well.

We had three seven-year-olds representin'...

 One almost-five-year-old...

And two three-year-olds.

The start was staggered to avoid too much congestion.  The little boys are getting ready for their big moment.

And they're off!

 This race wasn't the traditional Swim Bike Run of a triathlon.  To accommodate the little kids (and our lack of a nearby lake) the race started with the bike, then transitioned to the run, followed by a giant water slide for the "swim".

Here comes Emma, finishing the run portion.

It was HOT out.  Poor kids were bright red.

Isaiah at the end of his run.

Noah coming in from the run.

Poor kid was SWEATY.

Celebrating his first-ever medal.

My three finishers!  Isaiah couldn't be bothered to smile...he was too busy enjoying his ice cream sandwich.

All the neighbor kids together.  What a great team!

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Marie said...

This is so great! I love seeing your kids so active and having fun!