Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Past Few Days

I'm sitting in the waiting room at Braxton's surgeon's office.  We're here for our weekly monitoring, as we are nearing surgery date.  Did I mention that surgery was once again pushed out due to Braxton's low weight?  He's been hovering around ten and a half pounds the last couple of weeks.  Hoping for some significant gain today.

So the past few days have been busy with house hunting.  We haven't officially been "looking", but I am always keeping my eye on the market.  We don't have to move by any means, but it would be nice to have more space, and perhaps a bedroom for Braxton. :)

So we made a list of our must-haves.  Again, since we don't have to move, we feel like we can be picky and wait for the right house.  Here is our list:

Dead-end cul-de-sac
Large yard
5  bedrooms
Rural-ish setting (not a subdivision feeling)
Bonus room
Same or better commute for Brian
Mature trees

Of course it has to be the right price, too.  

So long story short, we found a house with everything...except the mature trees.  In fact, there is no landscaping yet...just an acre of dirt.  But of all the things on our list, that is one we could actually change.

So last night we visited the house for the third time, and walked around praying, talking, dreaming.

I think we might make an offer today.  We would love your prayers for wisdom, favor, guidance.

By the way, this is a hard decision as we love our current neighbors, and there are a lot of things we like about where we live.  But I also feel like God has given us a new dream for our family.

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Owlhaven said...

Praying for house decisions and for sweet little Braxton.