Thursday, September 08, 2011

Let's Get Dirty!

Ten Days ago we ran the Dirty Dash with some friends.  I still have the bruises and scabs to prove it.  

The race was a 10k up at the top of a mountain.  The run was on trails with lots of hills.  And oh, there was the occasional stack of hay bales to hurdle, or tubes to crawl through, or walls to climb over, or even beer to chug.  And mud.  Lots and lots of mud.  

Our team name was The Baby Makers.  (Because we've all made babies...get it?)  Hence the "dirty" pose before we even got muddy.

The course went all over the mountain, so our photographer/babysitter (we had Braxton with us) could only get photos at the start and near the finish.  

This is shortly after the beer chug "obstacle", downhill run, and ladder climb.  We then headed up a small hill, while people threw water balloons at us and a fire hose sprayed us.  

The top of that hill was the giant, inflatable water slide.  I'm not gonna lie...sliding face first, covered in mud, wearing shorts, while the little bits of gravel scrape down your legs, doesn't feel the best.

 You can click on this image to get a better view of the guys just getting off the slide, and the gals near the end of it.

The last obstacle was the giant mud pit.  While people flung mud at us.  Something you don't know is that right after this race, Brian and I had to head to the airport to catch a flight to San Francisco.  With no time to stop home first for a shower.  So by this point I was kind of trying to preserve my upper body.

All done!  Muddy, bloody, and happy!

And of course, what would a muddy race be without a giant group shower? 

We made it to our flight, but all day long kept finding mud all over each other's bodies.  Plus some serious bruises and scrapes.  But it was all worth it...I think we'll do it next year!

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