Friday, July 08, 2011

Our July 4th

We actually didn't have anything planned for the fourth this year.  We had just gotten back from our Disney vacation, plus Brian's parents were visiting, so I figured we would just take it easy and maybe drive somewhere to watch the fireworks.

But Brian and his buddies decided to get together to brew beer on the fourth, so we decided to have their families over and throw together a last-minute BBQ.

You know you are considered a good friend of ours when:

- I don't bother putting on makeup when you come over
- Brian stays in his yard-work clothes all day
- The menu consists of whatever I can throw together
-We ask you to help assemble our new sandbox before we light off any fireworks
-I don't protest too loudly when you wash ALL the dishes after dinner

All of those things happened at our house on the fourth this year.  And you know what?  Some times you gotta just go with it and be thankful for good friends.

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