Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

I am loving our summer at home.  Typically we are busy heading out of town nearly every weekend and don't have a lot of time to  I like going places.  I like new adventures.  But it turns out I also like just having down time with my family.

Don't get me wrong - we are still very busy.  Emma, Isaiah and Noah are doing gymnastics classes for the summer.  Plus they have their Wednesday night church programs.  Braxton has his regular therapy visits and occasional doctor appointments.  I am working out at least once a day, which can some times be hard to fit in around nursing and cooking and laundry.  Biniam is still in Chicago.  And Brian is working long hours.

BUT, the rest of the time, we are enjoying low-key summer activities.  Things like swimming at the pool, playing with the hose in the yard, making popsicles daily, going to the park, and enjoying lazy evenings in the yard with neighbors.

A few nights ago I set out to water some dry spots by hand in the yard.  Soon Noah came to "help" me, followed by Brian.  Before I knew it all the neighborhood kids had turned into the subjects of Noah's target practice.  It's amazing how a hose lets off some sort of sonic sound-wave that only kids under the age of 8 can hear.

Braxton is more awake in the evenings so he gets to hang out and enjoy some of the activities.

Noah transitions effortlessly from play time to bike time.....helped by the fact that he most often can be seen wearing his helmet.

My boys like their hose.


Even the kids sometimes enjoy just hanging out with no distractions.  Plus any excuse to love on their little brother and they will take it.

We have some fun activities planned for this weekend, like an outdoor movie at the park, and going to the horse races for a belated birthday celebration for Brian.  And mowing our lawn.  What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

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Wesley said...

Glad to see all is well in the White household! You know what my favorite summertime activity is? Sitting on the porch on a warm afternoon with Tracy, eating bing cherries(my FAV!), and an ice cold beer! Perfect!