Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday Blurbs

Here's a quick Tuesday update for you, since I am under the weather and not up to actually writing a real post.

1.  Our house addition is temporarily on hold while we sort out some things with Brian's job.  Nothing bad - just some possible changes for him that may or may not have us living here.  That's all I can say for now - sorry.  Oh, but the good news is that enough of the estimates have come back favorable enough that we think the project could become a reality.

2.  I am done with the top of my first quilt.  Now I am working on the top of the second one, and then I will assemble them both with batting and the back portion.  The quilt isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  (I'll post pics of it later.)

3.  I was in hot pursuit of a bunk bed last week that was posted on craigslist.  It was listed at $250, but I had talked the seller down to $200 over email.  That was still a little more than I had wanted to spend, but it included both mattresses and was the closest thing to "ideal" that we'd seen.  Since it was located about 45 minutes away I wanted to make sure it was what we really wanted.  So I asked a couple follow-up questions (in addition to my initial price-negotiation), like if the beds had been in a smoking- or pet-home.  When the seller finally responded about 24-hours later (I'm sorry, but that is FOREVER in the world of online selling) she completely berated me for asking so many questions.  I quote:  "If you are trying to find something wrong with these, you won't.  If you are not interested in them, please stop wasting my time."  Excuse me?  I was asking some simple questions because I AM interested, and I don't want to waste MY time by driving all the way out there.

I was so burned that I withdrew my interest in the beds.  I am still occasionally checking for a new listing, but we have decided that we will likely have to buy new bunk beds for around $250.

4.  I signed up for a free month of Netflix.  We are really liking the fact that we can stream movies through our Wii for instant viewing.  But I'm too cheap to pay even the $9.99 per month, so we'll be going back to the status-quo at the end of the month.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Your post: "Excuse me? I was asking some simple questions because I AM interested, and I don't want to waste MY time by driving all the way out there."

I hope that's exactly what you emailed back to her, but somehow I think you're too nice to have done that. So, can I have her phone number please? I'll finish her off for you like a good dad should do. Even from long distance!

I'm "burned" too! Lol.