Friday, January 21, 2011


Brian gets home from Singapore tomorrow!  Yippee!!

I have a TON more work to do on my quilt(s).  After dropping $125 on fabric this week, I was sure I came home with more than enough fabric to finish these projects.  But guess what?  I am heading back to the store today because I don't even have enough fabric to finish the little squares on ONE quilt.  I'm screwed.  Don't tell Brian.

In bunk bed news, the search continues.  I am still stalking Craig and his List like a crazy woman.  Yesterday I found a wood loft bed that I like.  It doesn't have a lower bunk, but there is room to slide a twin bed under it.  But I am waiting until Brian gets home and can look at it before I make a purchase.  In the meantime, I found a posting for a FREE bunk bed.  I responded to the ad within minutes of it being posted.  I left the contact person a voice mail, sent a text, and an email.  But I got the impression that it was a first-come, first-serve basis, and that I better just get out there (the address was posted on the ad).  So I called my Mom, we grabbed her truck, and drove out.  No one answered at the house.  Why would they?  They weren't expecting us.  I was beginning to feel like a stalker.  And also wondering if I could just break into their garage some how and pick up the bunk bed.  Then I finally got a reply to the text I sent.  "Bed was just picked up 40 minutes ago."  Dang!

Yesterday my Cankles were huge.  HUGE.  I'm not sure they've ever been bigger - even at the end of my pregnancies.  Perhaps its something to do with doing all my sewing standing up at a counter, since I don't have a table suitable for the job?

I'll post some actual pictures of my feet soon.  It's quite amusing.

Have a great weekend!

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hotflawedmama said...

Is Brian handy? Make your own bunk beds!!!! There are directions all over the internet. It's SOOOOO cheap! You can actually make them sturdier than most of the ones on the market now anyway.

Just my 2 cents!