Monday, December 20, 2010

We had a busy, and fun weekend.  Friday night was the deadline Brian and I gave ourselves to have all of our Christmas shopping done.  We did it!

Saturday morning was Emma's dress rehearsal for her choir performances.  She had three performances - one Saturday night, and two Sunday morning.  Emma and the entire choir did amazing.  It really was a quality performance.  (Oh, and I only took pictures during the dress rehearsal so I could enjoy the performances.  So that's what you see here.)

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to see Santa.  It is one of my highlights every year to see how the kids will act around Santa.  Biniam of course could take it or leave it.  Emma is pretty sure she's figured out that Santa isn't real.  But I think there is enough question in her mind that this is still pretty exciting for her.  Isaiah goes back and forth from saying "I KNOW this is the Real Santa" to "this is just someone dressed up to help the Real Santa".  And Noah just kept giving himself pep talks, saying "I won't be scared" and "I not cry this time". 

Isaiah was being shy when Santa asked what he would like for Christmas.  He said he wants "Reindeer", which made Santa laugh.

Saturday night, Brian and I got to go on a date.  We sat in a little Italian restaurant, watching it snow out the window.  It was lovely. 

This week we are easing into Christmas break.  I know, it should be more like, easing back into school after the break.  But we're still playing a bit of catch-up from a slow start to the school year, plus we want to work ahead as much as possible to have a light load when the baby comes next Spring.  So anyway, we're doing a few lessons here and there. 

So our shopping is done.  Presents are wrapped.  House is de-cluttered and scrubbed.  And Brian is off work starting Wednesday.  Here's to a wonderful, family-filled Christmas week!


Renee said...

Happy Times! The first pic is AMAZING! Biniam has grown up so much-they all have!

Anonymous said...

Love the Santa pics. Merry Christmas!