Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Random Thanksgiving

It seems a little weird to blog about Thanksgiving, since Christmas is only 17 days away.  But oh well, here are some of my favorite shots from our trip.

Our first day in Seattle it started snowing.  Just a skiff that first day, but it stayed cold and snowed a little bit more each of the next few days.  For the most part we stayed house-bound, with the exception of a few trips into town so Brian could work from Starbucks, as the internet was out at the house.

It was the first snow of the season for the kids, and they loved it.

Biniam carved out the shape of "Idaho" on the sports court.

Brian and my Dad took the kids moonlight-sledding!

Does anyone else run out first thing Thanksgiving morning and get the local paper?  It is our tradition to browse the ads and see what sort of Black Friday deals we can't live without.  This year's big theme was cheap tv's, but alas, we didn't head out for shopping.  And what's with all these stores starting their sales on Thursday now?  Is there no respect for the Thanksgiving holiday?

After stuffing our faces with amazing food, I was feeling a bit guilty.  So I initiated an "air squat" competition.  Competitors were Pregnant Me, my Dad, my Sister, and her two-year-old Daughter.  We're quite the elite group.  I made it to 90 squats before I felt like I better not do anything too crazy, and threw in the towel.  My Dad won with 173 squats....not bad for an old man!

Our week ended with my Best-Friend-Since-We-Were-14's lovely wedding.  It was a beautiful, intimate wedding, and the couple was beautiful and happy. 

It was a great week full of surprises and wonderful memories.


Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME????? 173 squats is not bad for a YOUNG man....

do I hear an "amen" to that out there?...



spoonerbyrd said...

Oh, yes, AMEN!!!

Definitely a YOUNG man. :)