Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Run-down

We have had an AMAZING Christmas break this year.  We officially started our break on Wednesday, which was Brian's first day off work.

We took the kids up to the mountains to go sledding with friends.

We ate lunch, drank hot chocolate, and enjoyed a campfire.

Thursday we made our Gingerbread House and then surprised the kids with a movie.  At a real theater.  That's a big deal around here.

This is how Noah really spent most of his time "helping".

This was the moment we told the kids we were going to the movies.  Look at the SHEER EXCITEMENT!

After the movie we surprised the kids with eating out at a pizza restaurant.  Then afterwards we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

Friday (Christmas Eve) we spent the day making cookies and delivering treats to friends around town.  That evening we got dressed up and went to the candlelight service at church, followed by a visit with extended family.

On Christmas morning we tried to get the kids to sleep as long as possible.  Picture Noah coming into my room at 7:30, me taking him back to bed, finding Isaiah standing next to his bed, tucking him back in, running into Emma in the hall, sending her back to bed...  I know, most of you were up way before that.  But we're not morning people.  And it was still DARK outside.  We managed to milk a few more minutes out of the kids before we all headed down for stockings.

Christmas Eve night, after Santa visited.

Opening stockings.

Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, sausage and fruit.

Hat made by Auntie.

Noah was genuinely thrilled each time someone opened a present.

Isaiah and Noah each got their own gardening / digging tools.

Weird kid in a hat.

Isaiah and Noah also got the real-deal (metal) Tonka trucks.  It was the year for joint gifts for the two of them, but they didn't mind.

After all the presents were opened, Brian surprised me with "one more".   The note led me to what I am currently sitting in front of - a new 27" iMac computer.  Love.  (I am also wearing the white watch that Brian got me.)  Love love.  

Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandma arrived in the afternoon for more gift-giving.  The big hit for all the grandparents this year was a framed series of photos of the kids from a photo shoot we did this fall.  I'll share the photos on a separate blog post.

And finally, we were joined by friends in the evening for our traditional prime-rib feast, and fellowship.  We had three tables set up:  the adult table, the "big kids" table, and the "little kids" table.  I love a full house!

Yes, Isaiah is still wearing his jammies.  At dinner.  We couldn't convince him to take them off.  And yes, his dinner consisted of a roll, marshmallow salad, and cranberries.  And Noah is sitting in a camping chair, because I mis-counted the number of kids I have. 

We have truly, truly enjoyed this season and all the time we've spent with each other.  I hope your holidays have been just as enjoyable.  Catch ya next year!

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Brown Birdy said...

This post blesses me so much! I love your family Shana...sometimes I wish I could be one of your adopted kids lol. For real.