Thursday, August 26, 2010


We sold our van last night!  We got what we were asking for it, with the addition of throwing in the roof cargo box to seal the deal (shhh, don't tell but we picked up that box at the REI garage sale for only 40 bucks!).

Since we've been on vacation for the last two weeks, we have done exactly zero shopping for a new car.  So here I am, car gone, and not even a prospect to replace it.  Nice.

This morning I rode my bike to the pool to swim laps.  Since I had prearranged to borrow my mom's car for the day, after swimming I rode over to her work to pick up her car.  So if you were driving around town today on one of the main streets, and saw a crazy lady on her bike wearing flip flops, a wet swimsuit, towel around her neck, and goggles hanging off the handle bars....that was me. 


Micaela said...

Wow! What a mental image! I really wish I could have seen it.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I barely recognized you when you arrived to pick up my car.... Love mom

shell said...

oh i wish i could have seen! hope you have something to drive in by now!