Monday, July 12, 2010

Triathlon or Bust: Bust

Well it looks to be official...I am not racing in the triathlon this weekend.  The one that I've been training for over the past year.  The one that I borrowed a road bike for and have been getting the feel of over the past 8 weeks.  The one that I was the group-organizer for a bunch of friends who are racing. 

I am bummed.  Majorly bummed. 

I have no one to blame but myself.  "Self, I blame you." 

I will be okay.  It's just kind of strange wrapping my mind around all of it.  This race has truly been my fitness motivator and goal for the past 12 months, when it whet my triathlon appetite last year. 

Brian is going to be in Japan anyway, during the race, so I would have been doing it without him, which was a bummer also.  So maybe it's all working out for the best.  We are considering doing a local race together around the first week in August. 

I will still be attending the race this weekend and cheering everyone on.  You better believe I will be the loudest (and most trained) non-racer there!


Anonymous said...

What Happened? Sorry to hear the're really been dedicated and put the time in. Start getting ready for next year!

Anonymous said...

Bummed for you Shana. Have a fun week-end with your friends!