Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelan recap

I am finally getting back into my usual routine around home.  Actually, I'm not really sure what "usual" is right now.  I guess what I mean is I am caught up on laundry. 

We had such a great, great time in Chelan last week.  I've mentioned briefly that it was a bit different than our usual visits there, as the house was quiet in the week, and we ventured out and did activities we don't normally do.  Our normal visits involve lots of activities behind the boat, swimming in the lake, sitting in the hot tub, and playing silly games around the house and yard.  Plenty of fun, but not much venturing outside of the house.

Since my dad was trying to do some work (from home) during the week, the kids and I planned different activities for each day.  Things like going to the state park and playing at the sandy beach.  Going to a park and riding bikes.  Heading to a local blueberry farm and picking our fill of blueberries.  It was great fun, and usually by the time we got back from our outings, the boys were ready for naps and my dad was ready to relax.  So we had wonderful afternoons of working out and floating on a raft with a drink. 

One huge milestone is that Emma learned to kneeboard.  At only 6 1/2 years old!  My kids have all started tubing behind the boat at a young age (like, infants) but that doesn't exactly require a lot of skill.  It was Emma's idea to try the kneeboard, and to be honest I was shocked she went through with it.  She almost didn't, but at the last second she put on her goggles and gained confidence.  She got up on the first try and had a nice long run.  You won't be able to tell from the pictures below, but she was SCREAMING bloody murder the whole time.  Ha!  Yet a few seconds after finishing she said she would do it again next time we are there. 

Okay, enough of a prelude.  I will include a few captions on the photos below.  Aren't you glad I warned you of that ahead of time?  

Noah talks ENDLESSLY about driving Grandpa's boat.

So good to see that boy smiling.

Sweet Emma.

Fishing time with Uncle. 

I tried to get some photos of things other than just us in the boat. :)  This is the view from my dad's dock.

Emma did the kid's triathlon again this year.  This is just before the start.

This was Isaiah's first year.  This perfectly captures how he was feeling before the race.

Emma completed the race entirely on her own this year.

Isaiah had Grandpa as an escort through the race.  I don't think Grandpa realized how fast a 3-year old can be!

Isaiah spots his fans.

Coming in for the big finish!


Our day at the sandy beach.

Getting ready for a crazy ride!

Again, trying to capture different photos of our trip.  Not a bad backdrop for eating, eh?

Emma getting ready to "hit it" on the kneeboard.  We did a deepwater start where she was already strapped into the board and I was holding her afloat. 

She's off!

Screaming the whole way!

We took the boat way up lake, trying to find a certain waterfall.  We never found the place we were looking for, but did find a great picnic spot.

Throwing rocks at things in the water.

Beautiful scenery.

We ended up making it all the way to the end of the lake (55 miles), where there is a town called Stehekin, accessible only by boat or float plane. 

Proof that I was at Stehekin (in the background).  Also proof that I have wrinkles.

Not the waterfall we were looking for, but very beautiful.

We got right up close to it!

Okay, the end.  We are heading back in a couple weeks as a family, plus our bff's and TWO nannies!  Can't wait!


Laura B. said...

Sounds DIVINE! And you have no look FAB!

IronVizion said...

Looks like you guys had some fun :)