Monday, May 24, 2010

Glad THAT weekend is over

Whew, what a weekend.  Brian came home Friday night to find me in bed with a fever and terrible body aches.  He wasn't feeling well either.  And Noah had double ear infections and a nasty cough.  And Biniam had a sore throat.  We were supposed to be doing a garage sale, but had to cancel at the 11th hour.

Winter returned on Saturday, and we had 40-degrees and pouring down rain all day.  In fact we broke a 20-year-old record for the most rain in one day.  In the seven years that I have lived here, I have never seen a May like this.  We are usually in the upper 80's to low 90's by now.  Not that it mattered though, because we were in bed all day.  In fact, the rain was kind of nice.

Sunday we knew we wouldn't be making it to church, which was fine, because I heard that the fire alarms went off and they had to evacuate the building.  Instead, I spent 2 1/2 hours at the urgent care, and found out I have a sinus infection, and probably not strep throat, as I had suspected.  I also got some steroid cream for my rash that I STILL have, so hopefully I will make some progress on that.  Oh yeah, and Isaiah woke up with dried snot all over his face and crusties all over his eyes.  That leaves Emma in the healthy corner.

My Mom had mercy on us and took all four kids to the park for some fresh air.  That gave Brian and me the chance to open all the windows and air out the house and wash all the sheets on "hot". 

It's now Monday morning, it's sunny, I'm thankful for new mercies, and am looking forward to a NEW week!

1 comment: vie said...

What a nice momma you have!! (Didn't know she lived in the area actually!) Hope you're on your way to feeling better. :)