Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Experiment: Fail

You might recall that a few weeks ago we got our garden started.  We were aiming for an earlier harvest than last year, so we decided to risk things a bit and put our starts out early.  Remember this pic?

Those are some nice beans, man.

Well, unfortunately for us, that one week that looked like spring had arrived became a distant memory.  Since then we've had rain, crazy wind, hail, frost - you name it.  Here is a current picture.

The bean graveyard.

So, so sad.  We knew we were taking a risk, and unfortunately it didn't pay off.  Fortunately, the things we sowed directly into the soil - albeit "early", are doing well.

Here are some of the carrots popping through.

Here is a cute little cabbage.

This broccoli hasn't changed much in a week or two, but I have faith that it will be rapidly growing now that the weather is warming up.

My beloved artichokes were transplants, but miraculously two-out-of-three survived.  Phew!

The garden isn't a total loss.  As a back-up plan, next to the transplanted starts we also sowed seeds.  So any day now we should be getting new little buds.  We may not be ahead of the game like we had hoped, but at least we aren't behind.  Lesson learned!

1 comment: vie said...

Weather. It can be hard to tell what's going to happen. I was so thrilled with our garden until we've had steady winds of around 50+ mph. Too many casualties to name... :( BUT, my tomatoes are doing well (and have already picked some)! That's two and a half months earlier than I experienced in Seattle. (Of course...with the 50 MPH winds, it's also been 90 degrees out.) Geesh. Good luck!!