Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Sprint Triathlon

Brian and I completed our first triathlon of the year this past weekend.  Last summer we competed in our very first triathlon and had a blast, so it is our goal now to do at least 1-2 a year. 

This was the Spring Sprint Triathlon put on by our local YMCA (where we train).  It is a unique event in that the swim is Friday night, in the pool, and the bike/run are the following morning outside.  I honestly have a hard time even considering it a true triathlon since the events aren't all back-to-back.  And given that, I figured it would not be an extremely competitive event. 

I was wrong.  Most of the competitors are quite elite athletes. 

So Friday night we headed out to the pool where there were five racing lanes and one warm-up lane.  I was scheduled to swim before Brian, so I checked in with my lane timer and found out my lane was running about six minutes ahead of schedule.  So I had to hop in the water right away for my warm-up.  I had a good 7 or 8 minute warm-up and got most of my jitters out.  Then when it was my turn I just hopped in my lane, pushed off the wall and the time started.  The swim was 750 yards, or 15 laps (there and back), or about a half mile.  My goal was to finish in 16:30, and I finished in 16:25.  Brian went in with less confidence but did great and finished in 15:12.

The next morning we got up early, loaded the bikes and headed to the park where the rest of the race took place.  The temperature was hovering around 32 degrees when we got there.  It was COLD.  I am so thankful I brought my down jacket and kept it on until literally "go". 

The athletes all lined up and started the race in order of their swim finish times.  The bike was probably my most intimidating event, as I don't have a road bike so I use my mountain bike with road tires on it.  Not the most ideal set up, but it works for now.  Except that Boise happens to be a major cycling city - we have a reigning Olympic gold-medal cyclist afterall - so there were a lot of serious cyclists in the group.  And they had very, very nice bikes.  But I held my own - I passed all the other mountain bikes I came across, and even passed a few road bikes.  And I got passed by quite a few, too. 

Running is my weakest event, but I have been working on it a lot over the winter and improving.  But I had no idea the run in this race was a "trail run" with a lot of uphill and uneven ground.  The first half of the run was really rough.  I stopped twice to walk briefly, and cursed the person who invented running.  Have you ever tried to run right after biking really hard?  Try it, and see if you look as dumb as you feel. 

As I reached the turn-around point on the run, I was finally getting my legs under me and feeling pretty good.  Then the rest of the race was mostly flat or downhill, so I rocked it.  Running has never felt so good or so fun.  I loved it!  And I passed a lot of people!  As I entered the park and could see the finish line, I did my best to sprint.  I even ignored my fans and just focused on the end.  Brian was right on the other side of the finish line, and caught me as I collapsed in his arms.  And got water for me as I said I wanted to puke.  He's a good guy.  Except when he informed me that my "sprint" was really more of a comfortable jog.  Whatever.  I felt like I was flying.

So we had a great time, got to be around some great competitors, and are ready to get into serious training for the Chelanman in July!


750 yard swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Shana - overall time:  1:35:49
overall:  228th out of 294
females:  73rd out of 121
division (female 30-39): 32nd out of 51

Brian - overall time:  1:26:30
overall:  162nd out of 294
males:  127th out of 169
divison (male 30-39):  42nd out of 51

Rockin' the mountain bike.

"Sprinting" to the finish.

Brian, looking like a stud on his new road bike.

Is his sprint really any better than mine?  Oh wait, I think that is right after he got off his bike.  Never mind.  He's awesome.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are Awesome! What a great accomplishment.
Love mom or Barb

spoonerbyrd said...

I swear the woman behind Brian is a mom at Cal's preschool. I'll have to ask her it she competed.

spoonerbyrd said...

Oh and way to go! You guys are rock the Chelanman for sure! Holla.