Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have I been duped?

I'm pretty sure my daughter was faking "well" today so she could go to school.  My better judgement was on the fence, so I let her go.

This girl loves school so much.  Are we crazy for thinking of taking her away from it to home school her? 

I feel like I have a lot more praying and thinking to do before we make a final decision.  This time last year, Brian was 100% against homeschooling, and now he is for it.  I just wanted to be able to at least entertain the idea, and do what was best for Emma.

I still want to do what is best for Emma.  And just because public school is "good" for her, it doesn't mean it is "best". 


Todd said...


shell said...

it is so hard to make these decisions!! i will take some time to pray that god will make it very obvious what you are supposed to do!

Anonymous said...

I would make the argument that there is a need for Christian children in public schools. Children go forth with what their parents have taught them and that lesson is very strong. Godly children are an example for others.