Monday, March 22, 2010

Sowing Time

And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, which may yield fruits of increase.  Psalm 107:37
The other day I got some of our early gardening done.  We decided to start a few things indoors this year, with hopes of success if we do a better job of hardening before we transplant. 
We started artichokes, green beans and bell peppers.  We had some extra room so I also let Emma start some Delphinium and Canterbury Bells.
I came up with the idea of marking each pod* with color-coded toothpicks.  Last year I had a grid written down to identify each pod.  But if, heaven forbid, the tray got turned around, I would have been screwed.  So I think this system will work much better.
*What the heck are these things called, anyway?  Pods?  Cups?  Pouches?  Dirt thingys?
Outside, we are attempting to start a couple things early, by sowing directly into the soil before (gasp!) the last frost is over.  I have read some places that say this is just fine for a few things, and others that say to wait.  So we will see. 
I suppose if the plants start to come up and then bite the dust during a frost, we can always try again after the frost danger is over, and not be behind.  But hopefully this will work and we will get broccoli earlier than August this year.

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Pure Mod Life said...

a seriously cool little set-up, way to go...i'm praying mine survive as well!