Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby, It's Cold INside!

I've been keeping the house a couple degrees cooler than I used to for the past couple of months. I figured it's cheaper to add a layer of clothing than to heat this whole house, and I'm all for doing what I can to help the bottom line.

So the kids know that they are supposed to wear warm jammies to bed. Well, Isaiah's favorite jammies right now are shorts. I let him wear them as long as he puts footie jammies over them. Apparently last night Isaiah decided to ditch the footies during his sleep. Also last night the weather took a turn for the cold so our house felt even cooler than usual.

Brian found Isaiah this morning, in his shorts, with no blankets, saying that he couldn't move. He did manage to come into my room and crawl into bed with me. He was SO cold. I cuddled with Isaiah under the blankets and tried to warm him up, and he quickly fell asleep. I probably should have taken his temperature as he might have been darn near hypothermia.

An hour and a half later, and the poor kid is still asleep in my bed. And don't worry...I have been checking on him and his body feels a bit warmer now.

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Kasey said...

Have you been hanging out with Jenni a little bit too much? Hee hee...