Friday, January 15, 2010

Noah Chronicles: Chapter 1,011

8:00PM (yesterday) - Brian puts Noah to bed. Forgets to put onesie under the jammies.

2:00AM - Brian finds Noah in his crib, stark naked, standing in pee. Gets Noah dressed, again forgetting onesie.

8:10AM - I find Noah standing in crib, stark naked, pee and a LOG at his feet.

10:00AM - Noah figures out how to unsnap his onesie.

11:30AM - I secure the boys in their room with a gate at the door for "room time", and get on the treadmill.

11:35AM - I hear a commotion and check on the boys. Noah is pointing inside his mouth. Isaiah is saying that Noah was almost choking. Isaiah says something about a penny. Noah lifts up his shirt to see if he can find it in his belly.

1:15PM - Noah's x-ray shows a penny-sized object in his stomach.

2:15PM - Everyone, including Mom, goes down for a nap and a much-needed break.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. Hilarious.