Friday, January 29, 2010

For Tony

Today, my wonderful Father-in-law turns 70! This is a milestone that should not go without notice. So, to honor Tony, here are 70 random facts* about him.

1. Tony's real name is Anthony.
2. He has been married to the same woman for over 46 years.
3. He has two sons.
4. And one beautiful daughter-in-law.
5. And four grandkids.
6. He was a little nervous about proposing to his now-wife, so he tossed the ring in her lap and said "here you go".
7. Tony was in the US Navy for many years.
8. He was a helicopter pilot.
9. He was on a ship that recovered one of the space capsules.
10. One day, off Catalina Island, his helicopter crashed.
11. He spent hours trying to stay afloat in shark-infested waters, fighting for survival.
12. Then he spent a long time in the hospital, while his wife was 9-months pregnant.
13. He was approached to sell the story and movie rights, but he declined.
14. He was ranked as high as Captain.
15. He turned down a promotion to Admiral.
16. One day Tony came home and said he'd quit his job. He was going to build a 3-wheel car.
17. The car was built, and featured on a news story, but never mass-produced.
18. Tony worked for the WA State Attorney General.
19. Tony knows everyone, everywhere.
20. Tony was CFO of a bio-tech company.
21. At the time, they were working on the human hair gene, and had successfully grown a pony-tail on a rat.
22. Tony grew up on Bainbridge Island, and still lives there.
23. His house was destroyed by fire about 15 years ago, but they rebuilt it and still live there today.
24. Both boys grew up in that house.
25. Tony is very proud of the beautiful gardens and ponds around the yard.
26. When he was a working man he used to enjoy coming home, grabbing a glass of wine, and walking around the yard.
27. Tony used to love to ski.
28. Tony loves boats.
29. He has two of them in his driveway.
30. One of them is an old wooden boat that he refinished.
31. Tony has more tools than I have ever seen.
32. Tony also has more gadgets than I have ever seen.
33. Tony also has more books than I have ever seen.
34. Tony loves to travel.
35. He has been all over the world.
36. One time he took a "business trip" to Bora Bora and stayed in huts over the water.
37. Tony recently wrote a book.
38. He has been living with Parkinson's disease for over a decade.
39. Tony has a pacemaker in him.
40. But instead of controlling his heart, it controls his brain.
41. His wife carries a "remote" in her purse.
42. Sometimes Tony has to be "reset" with the remote.
43. Tony loves to garden.
44. He has a big, beautiful greenhouse in his yard.
45. Tony lives just down the road from his closest childhood friend.
46. Tony used to take a ferry boat to and from work every day.
47. Tony loves doing things for his wife.
48. One time he made sushi for mother's day.
49. And served it on brand-new, Asian styled dishes.
50. One time he threw a surprise party for his wife.
51. The party was a 3-day affair...
52. He flew in all her family...
53. Hired a chef from a famous hotel to cook at the house all weekend...
54. Had a 7-course dinner, complete with music and a show...
55. Chartered a sea-plane to take the guests to Canada for the day.
56. Tony is extremely generous.
57. He adores his grandkids.
58. He treats my brother like his own family.
59. He likes to buy jewelry for his wife.
60. He loves good food.
61. He used to make his own compost - worms and all.
62. He loves photography.
63. And collecting artifacts from around the world.
64. Tony loves airplanes.
65. Tony talked to Al Gore on the ferry boat, during his presidency campaign.
66. Tony's hands are the same as Brian's.
67. Tony knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things.
68. He has a huge movie screen in his living room.
69. He takes naps in his recliner.
70. He would do anything for his family.

Wow! I made it!

Happy birthday, Tony. We are blessed to be a part of your legacy.

*Facts are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This is off the top of my head, folks.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Shana. Thank you very much for the thoughtful "tribute"!

The only fact that wasn't quite right was re: the "...rat growing the pony tail". The Company did indeed study human genes related to the growth of human hair follicles for a NYC company. If one of those rats had,indeed, grown a pony tail we would all be millionaires.

I'm very sorry that we could not get over to Boise next week but that is the week that we've had scheduled for me to have my brain "pace maker" ("DBS") batteries replaced. The surgery will be done next Wednesday at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.

How about our coming to see you all Valentines Day weekend?? Thank you again, Shana, for your comprehensive effort on my behalf. You are truly a "jewel".

Love, Tony

Marie said...

Tony, Happy Birthday!

Shana, I am extremely impressed and Thank you for helping me get to know Tony better!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to a wonderful man. And yes he treats you like family.
We love you: Barb & Dave Miles plus Flo Shook

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony,

It is a pleasure knowing you. You are wonderful man. Lots of love, Lisa Lenz

spoonerbyrd said...

That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

3 days late:(

Happy belated birthday, Tony.