Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Handcrafted Christmas

At the risk of spoiling some of our gift surprises, I thought I would share some of what we are doing this year for Christmas. Besides keeping costs down, some of our goals were to reduce the "commercial" side of Christmas a bit, and give things with a more personal touch.

Our older kids are doing hand-made gifts exclusively. I haven't figured out for sure if the younger two will buy dollar store-type gifts, or just draw pictures or just sit the giving part out. I am also trying not to overwhelm myself in the process.

Biniam is a whiz at knitting, so he whipped up a few creations, including "doll blankets" for both Emma and Isaiah. Emma is also working on some knitting projects with the help of her awesome Knifty Knitters.

Here is a preview of some of what we have made.

Emma's teachers are getting little jelly jars filled with candy and decorated by Emma.

With the help of my very talented friend, I made some beautiful jewelry to give away.

I used iron-on webbing to make applique's for baby onesies.

Using the same applique technique, I made personalized totes for my nieces and nephews.

Some lucky recipients will receive framed, original artwork from Emma.

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spoonerbyrd said...

dear emma, your artwork rules!!!!!!!!!!!

shana, your talents are endless.