Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Date?

**Update Below**

Emma tends to be a little on the shy side at times, and takes a while to get comfortable in her surroundings. That's why when she started school this year, I encouraged her daily to get to know kids in her class, ask them to play at recess, etc. It literally took her WEEKS to figure out the names of the kids that sit on either side of her

So I was delighted yesterday when Emma came home from school and announced that she made a new friend! She then proceeded to tell me that they were going to have a sleepover. Whoa! What? I guess once she's comfortable there's no slowing her down!

I suggested to Emma that she ask the little girl for her phone number so I could call her mom and arrange a play date. Emma thought that was a great idea, and thoughtfully put her Hello Kitty notebook and a pencil in her backpack, so she could write down the phone number.

Keep in mind, these are 5-year old's we're talking about. Most of them have just barely memorized their phone numbers, let alone figured out how to write them. All morning long I've been chuckling to myself as I picture Emma and this girl trying to figure out how to contact each other. I can't wait to see what Emma comes home with today. :)

**Afternoon update: Emma came home with the phone number! But I was bummed to see she got her teacher to write out the phone number. No random numbers scribbled on a page. At least she's resourceful!


Jonnie said...

The suspense is killing me... what happened? Did they get a number? So fun... Emma will be the "fun girl" to be around... always!

Shana said...

I just posted an update. She got the number, but it wasn't as fun as I was hoping for. :)

the Steiger's said...

Just came across your blog. I have a Emma as well (4 years old) and she is not shy at all :) Sometimes I wish she was.

Anonymous said... make Grandpa Jim smile. Remember the day out in our garden when you said: "Grandpa,,,,,You're awesome"

Well you are too, honey:)

Grandpa Jim