Monday, June 08, 2009

Ballet Recital 2009

One of our highlights of May is Emma's annual ballet recital. This year didn't disappoint! Emma was beautiful in her outfit, and performed brilliantly on stage. (Shut it. I'm her Mom. I can say that.)

I actually did notice a difference in her dancing abilities this year. She has more confidence and executed the moves pretty much on-cue, instead of waiting for everyone else to do the move first, like she did last year. One funny blooper was at the end, after the final curtsy, the girls were all standing in a line facing the crowd, with Emma second from the end. The girl next to Emma made her exit, and Emma was supposed to follow. But forgot. So she just stood there, smiling at the audience, until she finally remembered to exit and quickly scurried off the stage, followed by all the rest of the girls.

With the exception of about 36 hours where Emma decided she is "done with" ballet, she can't wait for next year, and hopes she has the same teacher and that their recital dresses will be pink.


Anonymous said...

How precious..and beautiful. Love you Emma!
Grandma Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hey.......???????????Where's this years video?

You look cute Emma!

Grandpa Jim

jenn lee said...

such great glad emma & ellie get to share them! and good job getting a family guys are such a stunning family