Monday, April 06, 2009

Potty Training! (PM update added)

We're spending the day in undies, doling out candy and lots of praise. I am one of those moms who greatly dreads this process - although I'm doing better mentally than I did with Emma! Pray for us!


Isaiah is potty trained! It only took until about noon today for him to get things figured out. He had one accident and one sort-of accident (he stopped it and ran for the potty). He is doing fabulous, and even stayed dry for his nap! I even felt confident enough for him to go on his scheduled "date" to grandpa and grandma's house this evening. Way to go, Isaiah!

(I loosely used the techniques I learned from "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day", which I also used on Emma.)


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Congrats! I have been thinking lately that I need to start that with Nathaniel. But I'm one of those moms who dreads the process too. [:-)

Anonymous said...

Tell Isaiah grandpa Jim says "Congratulations"!!

spoonerbyrd said...

you rock, little man!