Friday, April 17, 2009

He Walks!

We can finally say that Noah can walk! He still prefers crawling, although we do catch him on occasion taking steps of his own will.

The other night Noah delighted us with his resolve to get this walking thing figured out. He repeatedly propped himself up with the couch and made attempts to walk across the room to our open arms. A few times he did it with complete control and without falling. Other times he would fall, crawl back to the couch, and start all over. Even well after we bored with watching him, he could still be found trying and trying again. The sweetheart was probably at it for over a half hour, and even worked himself into a sweat!


Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaahhhhh Noah!!!!!!!!

Love you,

Grandpa Jim

Dad/Kevin. Mom/Jennifer. said...

So excellent! We are so excited for you, Noah! Wish you and Kate could have practice sessions together! She - just last night - decided she may want to resume steps too and spent a good 15 minutes or so doing exactly the same thing (not quite as steady as you though, big guy!). Congratulations!!

All four walking, only one in diapers, triathlon in July ... prego in August? ; )~

Love you guys!

*kk* said...

yeah!! so cute shana!

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