Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day in the life of Noah

Noah's newest nickname is ChunkerMunker. No explanation necessary once you pinch his squishy thighs. I could just pinch him all day long! My friend says his squishyness could get terrorists to talk!

Noah has fully found his place as the "baby" in the family. He is completely aware that at the drop of a hat he could get us to laugh, play peek-a-boo, toss a snack at him, or pick him up for a snuggle.

If you're keeping track at all, you probably just assumed he is walking by now...after all, he IS 15 months old! Well, try telling that to Mister Noah. He is in no hurry to use his own devices to get around. Why should he? He's got 5 other people in the house willing to scoop him up! (Of course, he did surprise us last night with a few stable steps. He might just be changing his mind after all.)

Noah is still such a happy, joyful baby. Albeit a little cranky when it's snack time (is he the only baby who thinks snack-time doesn't stop between 4 and 6 PM?)

We love you, Noah! And we love discovering life with you!


Cat and Mark said...

What a CUTIE! Love squishy thighs. My youngest was a lot like Noah - no walking until 15-16 months. But then she was off! Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Anonymous said...

Uncle Todd was a late walker. He started after a visit to grandma Aitkins on Camano Island & she strongly suggested buying some shoes. So we stopped to buy some tennis shoes at Nordstrom's. When I put them on at home he just started walking like he was waiting for his shoes. Love Grandma Barb

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