Tuesday, April 21, 2009

31 Things

In honor of my 31st birthday today, I am posting 31 things that make me happy (in no particular order).

1. The smell of fresh rain.
2. A warm, spring day.
3. Sitting outside, watching my kids play in the yard or ride their bikes.
4. Wakeboarding.
5. Walking around the yard with Brian, checking on the progress of our plants.
6. Any date night with Brian.
7. Noah's squishy snuggles and slobbery kisses.
8. Out-of-town visitors.
9. The unfailing Love of my Saviour.
10. Pretty much all cheese. Especially cheese fondue.
11. Tulips. And also roses.
12. The feeling I get about 5 minutes after a good workout.
13. Packing for a camping trip. I know, strange. But I like planning and preparing for things.
14. Labor and giving birth. I could do it all the time. Maybe I should be a surrogate?
15. Watching Biniam's sporting events. And Emma's swim and ballet lessons, for that matter.
16. The worship music at our church.
17. Any time Brian comes home from work earlier than expected.
18. Finally having our family pictures up on the wall.
19. An organized house. (I wish mine was more often.)
20. A clean car.
21. Money. Just being real here.
22. Good photography.
23. Backyard entertaining.
24. Butterfingers. Bread pudding. Ice cream cake. Cream cheese frosting. Anything with caramel. mmmm.....
25. Green, weed-free grass.
26. Designer jeans.
27. My wedding ring. I love it, and still get compliments on it all the time.
28. Looking back at old pictures of my kids and seeing how much they've changed.
29. Floating on a raft or a boat in the middle of a lake with nothing to do.
30. Going on vacation.
31. Sitting around a camp fire, talking with good friends.


Cat and Mark said...

I've got to say - #14 baffles me. Love the result, hated the process! :)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday!!

Brianna Heldt said...

so fun!!! giving birth is so magical, i love it too even though it hurts!

and butterfingers, OH MY GOODNESS, probably my all-time favorite candy bar!!!


jmae3 said...

Aww I loved all of these! Happy birthday!

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