Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Isaiah, you're two!

I can't believe you turned two today. Last week, you were half of the "babies" in our house. Now, it's as if you thought to yourself, "I'm about to turn two, and that's a pretty big deal, so I better start acting like a big boy. And instead of just acting like I'm two, maybe I'll skip ahead and act six."

The other day, you picked up two of Emma's hair clips (one in each hand) and said "Two. One, two." Seriously? You learned how to count on your own? And suddenly you imitate everyone and everything. As we left church on Sunday you saw your sister bend her knees and hop off the curb, so sure enough, you hunkered down and went for it! Something else of great fascination to you is the concept of personal property. You make a point to walk around the house and single out all things that are yours by declaring "MINE!".

You are speaking a lot of two-word phrases, like "hold it" and "like it" (which usually means you don't like it) and imitating new words every day. You are still the world's pickiest eater, but we have had two victories in the past 6 weeks, which have added eggs and chicken nuggets to your list of acceptable foods. Still praying for victory over that area... :)

We love you, Isaiah, and we're so proud of you. Happy birthday!


Marie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you Isaiah! Wish we could be with you to help you celebrate! We love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah...From Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kathy!
We're here at the lake wishing we could take you for a boat ride. Or help you blow out 2 candles:) Have fun today.

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