Saturday, September 13, 2008

Biniam's Big Day!

Biniam is 14 today! We had his birthday party last weekend, and it was a huge success! Five of Biniam's friends came over for pizza, cake, outdoor games, and a sleep-over in the tent. As the party was going on, Brian and I found ourselves indoors, eating a quiet dinner - alone - and I said to him "I could throw a teenage-party any day". It was fun for the kids, easy for me, and not too expensive. A success in my book!

The boys - dishing up pizza.

The Gang.

Playing soccer.

My awesome, incredible friend made the cake, since I was stressed about being busy. I won't name her name, because she would be embarrassed to be associated with the cake - but I thought it turned out great!

The pinata.

The string broke, so we resorted to "pitching" the pinata. Then the stick broke, so the boys just stabbed the pinata to death with the stick remnants.

The boys played video games and watched movies in the tent.


Marie said...

What a great party! From the pictures, it seems like they all had a great time!

Emily B. said...

Happy Birthday Biniam!

The Warren Family said...

Hi there, my husband and I live in Ontario, Canada and are waiting for a referral from Ethiopia. I really enjoy following your blog and linked to it from mine (hope you don't mind).
Looks like the boys had a lot of fun! The cake looks great as well!

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