Thursday, September 04, 2008

Updates (check back for frequent updates)

11:10 AM - Pitocin is up to 12 ml but Marie is not progressing as fast as they would like, so they are going to increase 4 ml every half hour. She is currently bouncing on a ball to try and help move things along.

12:34 PM - Up to 14ml, nurses joking he's trying to come out the wrong way. Extremely active and good vitals.

1:42 PM - Attempting to break the water.

1:51 PM - Broken, good clean fluid and the doc just did a quick ultrasound to see his head still looks good.

2:55 PM - Epidural in...went real fast.

4:00 PM - Inserted an internal monitor in order to increase pitocin past 18ml.

4:30 PM - I just talked to Todd. Marie is in good spirits right now, albeit hungry since she's only been allowed ice chips since 4:30 this morning. (Pray for enduring strength for her.) The pitocin is up to 20 now, and she's still only dilated to about 2-3. Let's all join together and start praying that things progress more quickly.

6:00 PM - our prayers were answered and Marie was given some things to "eat" (apple juice, jello, broth). She scarfed them down!

8:00 PM - Todd says that about an hour ago Marie was checked and the baby was at +2 station. They didn't give a number for how dilated she is, but it sounds like she's pretty much there. The goal right now is to wait as long as possible before they start pushing, but if Marie feels the urge or if the baby shows any signs of distress they will start the pushing. Apparently the longer you can hold off on pushing, the less time you will have to spend pushing.

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Anonymous said...

Leaving this comment right after the post about how Marie was really hungry, and right after talking to Todd on the phone. Todd, great husband that he is, decided it might be best if he went across the street to have his burger and fries and not eat them right in front of Marie. So sensitive. :)

Gob bless these "almost" new parents.

Grandpa Jim

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