Saturday, August 23, 2008

Super Dad

I wish I had pictures of everything the kids and Brian have been doing together while I've been gone. They have had so much fun, and I am so impressed with Brian. In addition to the usual things like soccer carpooling, dropping the kids off at different friend's houses, church, youth group, etc, Brian and the kids have done the following:

*swam at a pool with friends
*spent a day at the state fair
*sleep-over at Grandpa and Grandma's for Biniam
*camp-out in the living room for Emma and Brian
*neighborhood party with ice cream and jump houses

Keep in mind Brian's working full-time and he's had a nasty cold. And he's given me his blessing to stay here longer, if I need to. What a guy!

Brian, you're the best.

(nothing new on the baby-front so far today)


spooner said...

Three cheers for Seacrest!

jonniealex said...

and... came to Dylan's birthday party and cooked some mean hotdogs... nice job, Brian!