Friday, May 23, 2008

Biniam's Soccer Tournament

We spent the weekend in Twin Falls for the final tournament of Biniam's soccer season. There were seven teams in the division, so we were slated to play in at least three games. Game one, we won 3-1. Game 2 we tied, 2-2. At the end of day 1 we were tied for third place, which meant we would start day two off with PK's to determine which team we would play. Game three was the semi-finals, as there were only four teams left. Our team tied, 1-1, meaning we again had PK's to determine the winner. To add extra drama, the other teams also ended in a tie, so there were PK's all around to determine which teams would be in the final. Our team won the PK's as well as the team we tied with the previous day - a very tough team to beat.

The final game was very exciting, and Biniam played harder than we'd ever seen. Our team not only scored two goals, but managed to keep the other team from scoring at all! Great job, Rush!

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