Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Along the budgeting lines, I have a new-found interest in being frugal. Especially in the food category. My monthly food budget is $500 (including diapers and some household items) and I am realizing that if I want to make that work, I need to learn how to get more for less. I currently have $7 left in my grocery category until pay day in a week. Can I make it work? Well, I just stocked up on fruit and cereal today, and we have about 3 gallons of milk left, so I think I can do it!

My friend Mary just blogged about a "frugal tip" and she's getting lots of great suggestions in her comments. I am already taking notes and planning on trying a few things out. Here are my favorite suggestions so far:

1. Bake my own bread. We go through probably 1 1/2 loaves a week. I realize that's not a ton, but at around $2.50 a loaf it adds up. One of Mary's commenters said she bakes her bread for about $0.50 a loaf. Worth a try!

2. Buy bulk snacks. We keep individually packaged snacks on hand for Biniam to take to school, and for me to throw in the diaper bag when I'm out and about. Now I am going to try buying trail mix and dried fruit in bulk, and pre-dividing it into tupperware containers that are ready to go. That way I am helping our budget AND the environment.

3. Cloth napkins. I can buy a yard or two of fabric and make my own, then just throw them in the wash with loads I am already washing.

These aren't rocket-science ideas, or HUGE savings, but every little bit helps!


Anonymous said...

My biggest tip and I know Mary and Owlhaven has talked or blogged about it as well is to use cloth diapers and mini baby wash clothes instead of baby wipes. Both are so much better for the environment and apparently save the average person $1500 per child! When I and my friends all switched in 2000, we all were amazed at how easy it was and none went back to disposables. Most having 3-4 kids have saved over $5000 which is amazing!

amy said...


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