Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Money saving tip

In a comment on my post about finances, my friend Laura asked me for some money-saving suggestions. I am in search of great tips as well, but I do have one that we recently started.

Cloth diapers!

I know, you're thinking sharp pins, annoying plastic pants, leaky mess, and wringing out poopy cloths in the toilet. But that was last generation. Today's cloth diapers are much more user-friendly.

These diapers are easy to use, comfortable, cute, leak-proof and economical. We've been using them on Isaiah for a couple weeks now, and I'm totally satisfied with them. Granted, there is still the part about "cleaning" them out in the toilet, but I can handle that for the money we're saving. We figure between both babies we are spending close to $80 a month on diapers. For about $100 we got 6 cloth diapers, which seems to be enough for Isaiah with washing a load every-other day. So far I've only run out and had to use a disposable diaper about two times. The diapers will have paid for themselves in about 2 1/2 months. That's a pretty good ROI if you ask me. We plan on buying six more as soon as Noah's diaper usage becomes a little more consistent (read: no longer going through three diapers and outfits in an hour).

So there's Money Saving Tip #1. I love having a tangible way of affecting our monthly bottom line. What about you? Any other hot tips for saving money?


Amy said...

When I was using CDs, I used a large Home Depot paint bucket (I don't remember how many gallons, maybe 5? 10?) and filled it about 1/2 way with hot water and a couple of squirts of Bronner's soap. Each time I had to change a diaper, in the bucket it went. I poured the whole mess into the washer at the end of the day and never had a problem. I did use commercial detergent to wash them, but never bleach. I used Motherease diapers and covers and recommend them highly. I just donated the whole lot of them to AHOPE and I pray that they can get some use of them.

Laura B. said...

Oohhh...I don't know about cloth diapers. I agree that it would save a ton of money, but I don't know if I could handle the mess.
Good tip though!

Anonymous said...

We started cloth diapering in those same diapers on our little guy from Ethiopia about 2 months ago. You don't have to dunk them in the toilet if you don't want to. We just dump the poop off into the toilet and put them in our diaper pail(we have a wahmies pail liner in it) and then dump the whole thing into the washing machine. We run a cold wash and then warm with 2 rinses for each load of diapers.


Anonymous said...

6 diapers for $100???? Surely you mean 60 - right?

Zahra said...

Check these sites out for money saving tips




Hope that helps...search google for more frugal/simple living and money saving tips...there are a bunch of sites out there where you can connect with others doing the same thing and even get more ideas.

Good luck!!! I plan on doing that when I finish school (which I'm unfortunately taking student loans for).

Brianna Heldt said...

good for you using cloth! i've considered it in the past, but haven't done so yet. it IS something i might do at some point however--better for the environment too!

Jana said...

Hi there! I found your blog on the Ethiopian adoption site. I have occasionally checked in to see your progress as we are adopting from Ethiopia as well. I have cloth diapered in the past and thought I should pass along the best piece of equipment. You can find a roll (it looks just like a roll of toilet paper) of rice papers. You simply place the rice paper down as a liner over the inside of your diaper. Baby pees right through the paper but poop gets caught on the paper. All you do is just pick up the rice paper and toss into the toilet, totally flushable. These are especially great for messy toddler poop, not as effective with newborn breastfed baby poop. So there's the....POOP! Just thought I would let you know. Feel free to stop on by our blog at fraserfive.blogspot.com. Jana

Jenn said...

yay for cloth!! i've cloth diapered my 2 boys. this little gadget is handy - http://www.tinytush.com/mini_shower.htm

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