Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a difference a week - and some soy makes!

A week ago today, I was ready to throw in the towel as a mom. For weeks, Isaiah had been getting progressively grumpy and irritable, to the point where he was almost never happy. I was stressed and frustrated, which meant I had no patience left for dealing with Emma, who in turn was expressing her frustration through rebellion.

So I prayed. And suddenly I became a bit logical, and decided to try and figure out if something environmental was causing Isaiah's angst. I mentioned a few of my theories to Brian: parasites? attachment issues? food issues? Within minutes Brian had done some research on the web and found out that some babies have a hard time digesting their milk-based formula, which then causes them to fuss a lot, be irritable, spit up a lot - all the things we were seeing in Isaiah. The web site recommended soy formula.

Off to the store we went (after a call to our pediatrician, of course) to stock up on soy. We were cautiously optimistic, and sure enough - not even 24 hours later Isaiah was a new baby! He is back to his usual, happy self (maybe even happier than ever) and enjoys play time, rolling around on the floor and interacting with mom, dad and Emma. What a joy!

Isaiah has also developed a lot physically in the past week. He can now go from sitting to laying down on front or back, then up to sitting again. And he is SO close to crawling, he should have it down any day now. He is also "talking" a lot more now, and currently his favorite babble is "da-da-da-da", much to Brian's delight.

Here is a video I took yesterday of our happy boy. :)

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